There is probably no more horrible moment in a person’s life than the day that he or she is given some sort of official document charging him or her with a sex crime. The shame associated with the moment will live forever, not because the person is guilty, but because the person so charged often is completely innocent.

Why You Need a Criminal Attorney When Charged with a Sex Crime

Over the past 32 years Scott Albers has practiced law in this area while an ever-growing army of people has emerged, determined to convict people of sex crimes. This includes counselors, investigators, special law enforcement units, polygraph operators, prosecutors and the like.

The range of penalties in these cases can be extreme, and the odds against you may be stacked. Montana sexual assault laws are often changed to make winning these cases before a jury almost impossible. The only chance you have of winning, in my opinion, is to hire an attorney familiar with sexual assault laws, and has won many cases like yours, as promptly as possible.

It is understandable, and completely justified, that society takes such crimes very seriously. However the fact remains that the accusations are often completely false. If you are a man or woman facing such a charge, you need to know that I have been through such cases with many, many innocent clients. These include cases where:

  • She was jealous of a truck driver’s freedom, independence and money, and was herself sad and desperate
  • She was using literary porn to teach her daughter about sex, and the girl began exercising her 7-year old imagination on her mother’s boyfriend
  • She was terrified of being beaten by her lesbian girlfriend
  • She was completely unfamiliar with kindness from men, and so she unloaded all her past abuse on the one man who wouldn’t hurt her
  • She was tired of her job as a prostitute, and decided to get even.
  • She was consenting willingly, but did so through a fear of being hurt that he did not understand
  • She was consenting very willingly, but her mother insisted on the charges being filed because she was jealous of the daughter
  • She was consenting very willingly, but no one understood that it was a crime to take a photograph of her
  • She was consenting very willingly, but her parent’s consent was not an exception to the statutory rape statute
  • She and her girlfriend stole his money and cocaine, and then claimed that he raped them to get the sympathy of the police and prosecution
  • She was reciting what her mother said, as her mother manipulated facts to gain an advantage in a divorce
  • He (a grade school boy) was bullied into an accusation against an innocent man by the child protective services lady
  • She wanted a new life with her boyfriend, beat herself up with a brick and then lied that her husband did it
  • She was envious of a boy’s success and wanted to undercut him
These cases can often be difficult to win, especially if you’ve made mistakes prior to contacting an attorney (talking to police, talking to the media, etc.). If you are facing such a case please feel free to contact one of our attorneys at Albers Criminal Law immediately.  We do not charge for initial consultation on such serious cases and we hold our conversation completely private.