Simply put, an “assault” is when one person intentionally physically injures another person, and a “homicide” or “murder” is when a person intentionally kills someone else.  If you are in Montana and looking up these sorts of terms on the internet, and you feel that you are or might be in serious trouble, there is a lot to ask and consider.

Am I Facing Prison?

If you believe that you may be facing charges along these lines, the answer to this question revolves entirely upon what the Government believes it can show to a jury.  Can the Government show:

  • a confession?
  • fingerprints?
  • hair samples?
  • semen samples?
  • eye-witness testimony?
  • character testimony of your prior “bad acts”?
  • the specific circumstances of the injury or death?
  • comments from hostile people who don’t like you?
  • the horrible nature of the offense?
  • narcotics which are tied to the events?

The Government may or may not know about reasons for a strong defense.  Evidence which is often favorable for my clients includes:

  • evidence of an accident?
  • evidence of long-standing hatreds?
  • how bad was the injury?
  • what sort of injury was it?
  • is anyone else involved?
  • self defense?
  • defense of others?
  • honest mistake?
  • misunderstanding?

If you decide to seek out my help, the question I will have for you is “What do the police reports say?”

I will NOT ask you whether you are “Guilty,” or “Not guilty.”

I simply want to know what the police reports are likely to contain.  Generally speaking, you are much better off getting an experience criminal defense lawyer involved as soon as possible if you are concerned about such serious matters.

Can My Family Afford a Private Attorney?

The cost of hiring a private Montana criminal attorney can be quite intimidating. Only you can answer this question. You and your family must balance the costs associated with a private defense attorney against the result you may obtain using a public defender or trying the case by yourself.